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Nerf will bring Overwatch to life with foam-ball guns

Overwatch-branded Rival line to launch in 2019

Overwatch’s Tracer points her guns in a piece of key artwork Blizzard Entertainment
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Overwatch is teaming with Nerf to launch a series of themed blasters, bringing the video game into living rooms and backyards soon.

The Overwatch Twitter account announced the partnership — coming next year, nothing more specific — in a tweet this morning. The play weapons will be part of the Nerf Rival line, a style of high-performance, “precision battling” play gun that represents a softer alternative to paintball, or the time-honored tradition of shooting a sibling in the ass with a BB gun. Price and other weapon specifications were not revealed.

The Nerf Rival line has done Deadpool-themed Apollo XV-700 blaster and a dual-wield Kronos XVIII-500 pistol set before. Some of its higher capacity rifles sell for $99.99. Nerf (owned by Hasbro) also sells accessories for the Rival line, like an expanded magazine and a protective facemask.

Dot Esports notes that Overwatch fans already have been modding customizing Nerf guns to celebrate the game’s heroes, including D.Va’s Light Gun and Reaper’s Hellfire Shotguns. So this might be a way to give fans their fun while keeping everything safe and official.

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