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Nintendo Switch eShop update brings plenty of Mega Man, Zelda and more

Some big, familiar names headline this update — and some smaller ones too

Mega Man Legacy Collection Boss Sketch 37

There’s always something interesting to be found in those weekly Nintendo eShop updates. But sometimes, you don’t have to go look too deep to pull out the gems: We’ve got Nintendo Switch games from The Legend of Zelda and Mega Man out this week, alongside some other names we know.

First up is Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, which refines the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS game for Switch. What that means is it has all previous downloadable content already available, as well as nicer graphics and some other quality of life changes.

Mega Man arrives on Switch on May 22, with both Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. You may have already played these games on the plethora of other consoles they’re available on, but if you’re strictly a Nintendo console owner, these releases are a big deal. The collections are composed of the entire series of Mega Man games, from the original through Mega Man 10. Only the first Mega Man Legacy Collection made it onto any Nintendo console, which was the 3DS, so now you have the whole set.

There are three more Switch ports to appreciate included in the update: Runner3, the third entry in Choice Provisions’ cute rhythm-based, arcade-y action game; The Banner Saga, the first in the trilogy of Viking-inspired role-playing games; and Little Nightmares Complete Edition, which includes all previously released content from the extremely scary (and yet oddly adorable) horror adventure game. Little Nightmares is out May 22; the others are out now.

So, yes, these are all ports and remasters. But hey: Everyone always says they want to see ... well, pretty much every game come to Switch, so we can’t really complain. Besides, there’s a slew of other titles out on eShop through next Wednesday as well. This update is both most likely the biggest and most eye-catching we’ve seen in a while, so check out the list below.

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