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Overwatch’s anniversary event skins and cosmetics leak out

See the new emotes in this video

Overwatch’s anniversary event is coming Tuesday, May 22 (and running through June 11, all platforms) but it looks like a server bug-out originating in Taiwan has already spilled the beans on all the skins, cosmetics and a new map.

There are 50 new cosmetics in the anniversary event, 11 of them skins. They also include new dance emotes for Brigitte, Doomfist and Moira, and all of that can be seen in the video above. The three characters were not around last year, so this marks their dancing-fool debuts.

This gallery, from imgur, has 13 stills for closer inspection.

The video at top also showcases gameplay on the new map Petra, which is a new Deathmatch map coming to Overwatch with the anniversary event. Seasonal content seen last year is also returning (for purchase), and so are the brawls for Uprising (which ran from April to May last year) and Retribution (which just wrapped up this April) from the Archives lore event.

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