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Star Wars narrated by Ron Howard is perfect

It’s Arrested Development ... in a galaxy far, far away

It turns out that making a stand-alone Han Solo movie was a good idea after all, because now we have the above video of Ron Howard, director of Solo: A Star Wars Story, narrating Episode IV: A New Hope, Arrested Development-style.

Howard is, of course, the narrator (and executive producer) of Arrested Development, the funniest TV sitcom of all time. In a new episode of Lucasfilm’s The Star Wars Show, Howard gives the Skywalker family the same narrative treatment he gave the Bluths, summarizing their interfamilial conflict and, uh, occasional incestuous relationships.

“Arrested Development: Star Wars with Ron Howard” stays faithful to the former Fox sitcom — which is coming back to Netflix this weekend for a remixed season four and, soon, season five — and delivers some pretty good gags. Any fan of Arrested Development and/or Star Wars owes it a few minutes of their day.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is coming to theaters May 25.

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