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Puma’s Sonic the Hedgehog sneaker collection is just subtle enough to work

But when will we get the Sonic-styled sneakers we want?

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a photo of the sonic and robotnik puma snakers Sega/Puma

Sonic the Hedgehog’s entire look is iconic, from the bizarrely blue fur down to his red sneakers and droopy socks. Many have tried to emulate his style, or at least his shoes, with varying success. The latest to try is Puma, the vaunted footwear brand, which will begin selling shoes inspired by Sonic starting June 5.

The Sega and Puma collaboration features two pairs of shoes: the RS-0 Sonic and the RS- Dr. Eggman, each drawing from the characters’ respective color palettes. Puma says it was drawn to Sonic’s fur when designing the shoe, as well as the rings that adorn the beloved Green Hill Zone level. Those influences are apparent from the get-go; take a look:

a photo of the sonic the hedgehog sneakers from puma, with a ring in the background
There’s even a ring in this photo to emphasize the Green Hill Zone reference.

The same is true of Eggman’s shoes, although with more subtlety. Puma says that the caution stripes at the bottom of the sneakers are culled from the villain’s Eggmobile machine, another familiar look. There’s also “translucent blue rubber” that apparently is borrowed from Eggman’s glasses, which is a neat enough reference.

Each pair of sneakers also includes debossed images of the character in question on the upper part of the shoe. Puma’s odes to Sonic and Eggman are pretty nice overall, in fact — they’re video game-related shoes that don’t scream, “Hello, yes, I love Sonic the Hedgehog and will only wear Sonic the Hedgehog-themed apparel.” (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

But at the same time, these shoes still don’t live up to Sonic’s own sneakers, which are the perfect intersection of casual and cool. We’ve seen at least one brand do them properly, though those sneakers were a limited-edition, Japan-only affair. I’ll hand it to Puma for doing a good job with its Sega and Sonic the Hedgehog line, though; these sneakers are still cute as heck.

The shoes will be available on Puma’s website and its storefronts worldwide on June 5; each style will sell for $130. Check them out below.

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