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Get 25 percent off HP Omen PC gaming accessories with our exclusive code

Polygon readers can save on keyboards, headsets and more

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The Hewlett-Packard Company is known mostly for business tech: printers, workstations, laptops, etc. Over the past few years, however, it has moved into the gaming space, with their Omen brand of gaming PCs and accessories.

Old-school PC users may recognize Omen’s tribal mask logo from the VoodooPC company, which HP acquired back in 2006. The Omen laptop launched in 2014 as a rebirth of the Voodoo brand, hence the similarly spooky naming.

Since 2014, HP has been steadily adding new computers and accessories to the Omen lineup. A big refresh last year unveiled the Omen X desktop PC, plus new laptops and a docking station. In addition to gaming hardware, HP makes several Omen-branded accessories, including a line in partnership with the accessories brand SteelSeries. Polygon readers can now snag all Omen accessories (excluding monitors) at a 25 percent discount.

Our exclusive promo code POLYACCY25 can be used on Omen keyboards, headsets, mice and more. HP’s website isn’t the most intuitive, so we’ve listed all of the eligible products below. Note that you’ll get 25 percent off the MSRP when you enter the discount code at checkout. This deal expires on June 30.