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3 things to know about Fortnite’s patch v4.2 Content Update

The one with the jetpacks

Epic Games
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Epic Games has just released the latest Fortnite patch with the v4.2 Content Update and it’s got a few additions to the game that fans have spent months asking for.

Here’s a look at all of the biggest changes from the update.


That’s right. After three months of accidentally teasing fans, Epic has finally put jetpacks in Battle Royale. The item takes up an inventory slot and falls into a whole new category of items called, “backpacks.” Players can only equip one backpack at a time and it will temporarily replace their back bling when it’s picked up. To use the jetpack, just press the jump button in mid-air and you’ll take flight. After being used, the jetpack will have to briefly recharge before it can be used again. According to Epic, jetpacks will only be a limited time item in Battle Royale.

Close Encounters limited time mode

While the jetpack is available in standard Battle Royale modes like solo, duo and squads, its real place is in Close Encounters, the new limited time mode. This mode removes all weapon types except shotguns and gives players a very high chance of finding jetpacks in chests. This should be the perfect place for players who want to practice flying ... or skeet shooting. This mode isn’t going to be live as soon as the patch hits, but should start up sometime soon.

Solid Gold v2 limited time mode

For those players that aren’t such big fans of shotguns, Epic is releasing a second limited-time mode with this content update: Solid Gold v2. Just like the original version of the fan-favorite mode, v2 will exclusively feature legendary weapon drops, both on the floor and in chests. However, shotguns, grenade launchers and rockets will have a very low chance to spawn in anything but supply drops. This mode also allows players to gather stone and metal 50 percent faster to help structures stand up to the higher quality weapons.

For a full look at the changes in Fortnite’s patch v4.2 Content Update you can check out Epic’s patch notes.

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