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Disney’s fully immersive Star Wars park set to open in summer 2019

Think Westworld, but without the murderous AI hosts

Disney wants to give Star Wars devotees a chance to experience their own Westworld-style immersion into the franchise’s universe, but probably with far less AI hosts seeking revenge against visitors.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is Disney’s new immersive park, and it’s set to open in summer 2019. The company released a trailer for the park last night, which gave a slightly more detailed look at what visitors can expect. The Disneyland version will open first next summer, followed by a Disney World expansion in the company’s Florida park later that fall.

Galaxy’s Edge is set on the planet of Batuu, during a turbulent period between the Resistance and the First Order. Everything in the park is designed to be entirely interactive and responsive — including the activities visitors can participate in. If someone is flying the Millennium Falcon, for example, and they do a terrific job, they may receive a compliment from a local smuggler that day. Do a bad job and, well, prepare for an onslaught of jabs.

This is just the start for Disney, though. The company is also working on a fully immersive Star Wars hotel that will effectively operate as the Westworld-flavored icing on the cake. It will allow visitors to feel like they’re a part of Star Wars’ universe, but only if the company can pull it off. Disney’s parks are still incredibly popular, but its attractions pale in comparison to sites like Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Disney has not announced a date for the hotel’s grand opening at this time, but it is in development.

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