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Players can customize every aspect of their characters in Battlefield 5

Every character in your Company will look unique

Battlefield 5 - death dealer soldier EA DICE/Electronic Arts
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Battlefield 5 will offer players a new character customization system called The Company, EA DICE announced today during the game’s live reveal. The characters in every player’s Company will be different, unique in their own ways and built by each player’s own hands. The customization will offer all manner of options, including race, gender, face, face paint, jackets, pants, helmets and hats.

A player’s Company will span across all game modes. Each character inside a Company will also be able to have each battlefield tool customized differently. Weapons are now broken up into five or more components, such as bayonets, sights and stocks.

Rather than letting players apply a single, catch-all skin, each piece can be uniquely customized to fit a player’s desired look for that particular Company member. This level of customization also extends to a player’s vehicle garage, which includes everything from tanks to biplanes.

Players will be able to spend in-game currency — earned through rotating daily missions — on these cosmetics. However, there is also a mission type called Special Assignments, which players can accept and work toward over the long term as they play. Battlefield publisher Electronic Arts announced today that it is ditching the series’ Premium Pass for Battlefield 5 and won’t be charging players for new multiplayer content, but it’s unclear how the company plans to monetize add-ons and cosmetic items.

Battlefield 5 will be released Oct. 19 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

Battlefield 5 - The Company, British EA DICE/Electronic Arts

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