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Killer7 is coming to Steam later this fall (update)

But was that an emulator being used in the trailer?

Killer7, the 2005 stylish adventure-thriller by Suda51, is getting remastered for Steam, Grasshopper Manufacture announced yesterday. It’s coming this Fall.

The game’s Steam listing does not specifically mention remastering features but Game Informer reported yesterday that Grasshopper thinks “the game’s simple models and colors scale nicely to modern resolutions.” It will also have keyboard-and-mouse controls. A news release from NIS America, the game’s PC publisher (Capcom was its original console publisher) said Killer7’s “timeless visual style” will be “perfectly ported to modern machines.” The Steam listing gives no hardware specifications for PC.

After it was announced at a Momocon 2018 panel in Atlanta, hawk-eyed users on Twitter and YouTube noted that the trailer’s final scene appeared to show the FPS counter used by the Dolphin emulator for GameCube.

Others mentioned this was probably something being done only for the trailer. Either way, we’ve dropped a line with NIS America to ask what’s going on.

Killer7 launched in mid-2005 on GameCube and PlayStation 2. It’s had a cult appeal ever since although that’s not to say it’s everyone’s cup of tea. Most recently, GungHo Entertainment held a crossover event in Let It Die that used Killer7-themed weapons, quests and rewards, in celebration of Grasshopper’s 20th anniversary. That event ended just this Thursday, but it signaled to fans that something more might be coming for Killer7.

Update, 5/29/18: A NIS America spokesperson said: “The emulator footage came from internal reference materials, which were mistakenly used in the creation of this trailer. No emulators have or will be used in porting Killer7 to PC. We sincerely apologize for the confusion this has caused.”

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