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Anthony Hopkins may have tweeted a subtle Westworld clue last month

All work and no play

Westworld - Dr. Robert Ford in his office John P. Johnson/HBO

Anthony Hopkins’ Twitter feed is a beautifully odd place. a treasure trove of adorable, sometimes creepy photos and videos.

Hopkins has tweeted some particularly interesting videos in the past couple of months, two of which seem to be linked to each other. The first video, which some people may have seen floating around Twitter, features Hopkins dancing in the most ridiculous fashion. That video was published on April. 22.

Notice the tweet reads, “This is what happens when you’re all work and no play...” underneath the video. A second video, published just two days later on April 24, finds Hopkins sitting at a piano, playing a classical song. The caption on that tweet reads, “Today is all play and no work...”

No one paid any real attention to the two tweets, but a scene in last night’s Westworld episode changes everything.

[Warning: The following contains slight spoilers for Westworld season two, episode six.]

Last night’s episode of Westworld ended with Bernard coming across a version of Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Robert Ford playing the piano. The song he’s playing in that scene is the same song Hopkins is playing in the second tweet. There’s no way to prove that Hopkins knew what he was doing when he tweeted the video — almost 30 days exactly before the episode premiered — without asking him, but it’s fun to think that Hopkins is still trolling fans.

People were quick to discover Hopkins’ last tweet (the second clip embedded above), and connect the dots, but it does lead to more questions about the first tweet in question. Does Hopkins’ manic dancing possibly hint at what’s to come this season? Bernard is clearly seeing Dr. Ford again, and that means we may get to see a few more scenes between the two colleagues. Hopkins name wasn’t listed on the show’s official credits, which is peculiar in and of itself, but maybe Hopkins will appear later in the season. It’s also possible, however, that HBO left out Hopkins’ name to avoid spoilers.

Or, this was just a one-time thing and Hopkins truly is the internet’s best troll. He certainly has Reddit scratching their heads.

Westworld airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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