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A perfect video pokes fun at YouTube’s Fortnite clickbait

Jacksfilms does his own version of ‘Strip Fortnite’

YouTube has a clickbait problem, and the Fortnite community is more than aware of shady tactics some creators use to grab people’s attention.

It’s annoying, ridiculous and something other YouTubers have called out in the past. A new video from creator and comedian Jacksfilms, however, is probably the most succinct takedown of YouTube’s worst Fortnite trend: “strip Fortnite.”

Jacksfilms is a successful, well-known YouTuber who’s received attention in the past for his smart, witty takes on YouTube culture and entertainment-at-large. One of his most recent videos, in which he reacts to the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, satirizes the oftentimes silly Marvel Cinematic Universe and react videos in general.

The concept of his new Fortnite video is simple: Every time Jacksfilms gets killed in-game, he has to add a layer of clothing. And, like all business-savvy creators, the clothing he wears is from his own personal merchandise line.

You should watch the short video yourself for some good goofs, but especially for this one perfect line:

“Does anyone else think it’s sad and a little pathetic that some YouTubers need to objectify women just for views?” Jacksfilms asks before pausing. “Alright, watch me kill this guy.”

Strip Fortnite is exactly what it sounds like: every time a YouTuber gets a kill, a girl sitting next to him has to take off a piece of clothing. This rarely leads anywhere, of course; YouTube has strict nudity rules and, if someone wants to earn ad revenue from these videos, then they can’t really deliver upon the juvenile promise in the video’s thumbnail or title.

Jacksfilms’ short video tackles mocks that trend, while also touching on various gaming stereotypes, like using the word “plebe” when referring to other players.

While we understand you need some way to stick out amongst the competition, let’s just all agree right now that strip Fortnite is not the way to do it.