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Nintendo eShop update brings back some old favorites

Donkey Kong, Shantae and Death Road to Canada find new life on Switch this week

DKC_hero Retro Studios/Nintendo

Nintendo kicks off May with a slate of games from well-known franchises launching on the Switch eShop, including a famous one of its own. Perhaps the most interesting new game on the release schedule this week, however, has a much more obscure name attached to it — but a backstory that involves a recent, major tragedy abroad.

Death Road to Canada has found a small but loving fanbase since it launched on Steam in 2016. Rocketcat Games’ roguelike tasks players with running over zombies with their car as they race through the apocalypse. Every level is procedurally generated, and every character is pixelated cuteness, including the zombies.

Although it communicates the game’s jokey premise, Death Road to Canada is a title that began to look tone-deaf following a mass murder in Toronto last month, particularly since the game was originally set to launch the same week.

The publisher said it would announce a new release date in the coming weeks. Today, Ukiyo revealed on Twitter that Death Road to Canada would come to Nintendo Switch (and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) May 8, alongside a 20 percent launch discount.

This series of events makes the niche title stand out that much more — especially when there are stalwarts like Donkey Kong (with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze) and Shantae (Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition) to compete with. Both are acclaimed ports of Wii U titles that you may have missed the first time around, with Tropical Freeze in particular benefitting from the higher powered console.

And now, below is the full list of games coming to Nintendo Switch eShop through May 9: