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War Mode returns to PUBG and this time it’s coming to Miramar

Everyone’s favorite team deathmatch mode is back

PUBG Corp.
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One of the most popular event modes in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — War Mode — is headed back to the game this weekend.

This time, War Mode, which will be called Desert Knights, will take place on Miramar. It will be the first time PUBG’s second map will host the team deathmatch-style game mode. Also changing this time around are the squad sizes. While the last version of War Mode featured three, 10-person squads duking it out, Desert Knights will feature 10 five-person squads competing for victory.

Other than those two changes, things should be pretty familiar if you played the last version of the game mode. There will be one fixed safe zone where players compete to kill each other. Players will respawn every time they die, and kills and downs will award points to the team that secured them. The first team to 200 points wins the match.

Loot will once again be randomly assigned to players when they drop, but this time players are getting significantly better items. Along with level-three vests and helmets, and two grenades, players will spawn with one random weapon limited to those that appear in care packages: AWM, M24, Mk14, M249, Groza or AUG.

The new Desert Knights version of War Mode will be available starting on May 3 at 11 p.m. ET, and will remain up on the servers until May 6 at 11 p.m. ET. The mode will be available in most regions, with both third-person perspective and first-person perspective options, and third-person only for Korean and Japanese servers.

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