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5 things to know about Fortnite patch v4.3

Shopping carts are here and they are fast

Epic Games
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Fortnite patch v4.3 has arrived and brought with it a ton of changes to the game, though you might not notice all of them right off the bat.

Most of the biggest changes to both of versions of Fortnite were several major bug fixes and a few nice improvements to systems like Turbo Building. Save the World also saw the return of the Blockbuster questline, with a few new missions and a ton of new Skill Points; the new Mythic Soldier Carbide hero; as well as some weapons that are brand new to the mode, like the Port-a-Fort and the new Tiger Assault Rifle.

Battle Royale received quite a few changes in patch v4.3, so here’s a brief breakdown of everything you need to know before you jump into your first game on the new patch.

For a full look at everything that changed in Fortnite with the v4.3 update, you can check out Epic’s official patch notes.

1. Shopping carts are Battle Royale’s first real vehicle

Shopping carts are here and they’re quick. Usable by either one player or two, shopping carts are drivable vehicles scattered around the Fortnite map. They help players move quickly and should be the perfect way to escape and encroaching storm or sneak up on unsuspecting opponents. The driver of the shopping cart will always control its movements, while the passenger — riding in the basket — can fire their weapon. If you’re using the cart alone, you can also switch seats on the fly for some fancy plays.

2. Mushrooms have been added to help you gain some shields

Last patch, Epic added apples to Battle Royale to help players gain just a bit of health in tight situations. Now, mushrooms are going to do something similar for players’ shields. The forageable fungi will spawn around shady wooded or swampy areas and grant players five shields when eaten — all the way up to 100. While these will be a welcome site for any player in need of some protection, it’s unlikely that they will be frequent spawns since they aren’t available throughout the entire map.

3. Controllers got a whole lot easier to play with

There have always been a couple difficulties around player Fortnite with a controller. From awkward turn speeds to occasional bugs it was time for Epic to give controller players a significant quality of life upgrade. It finally delivered: Patch v4.3 speeds up Turbo Building significantly, and adds a toggle for the frustrating Edit Mode Aim Assist that could sometimes for players to edit the wrong part of a wall when using a controller. While these are the two biggest changes, they’re far from the only ones as Epic also fixed a handful of controller related bugs in this patch

4. Two great limited time modes are coming back

Blitz Mode and Teams of 20 are both receiving the v2 treatment with this patch. Not much is changing for Blitz mode’s update — because it was basically perfect already — but items like the LMG, Port-a-Fort and Clinger grenades that have been added since the mode was last around will now be available. Meanwhile, in Team of 20, each team will now have its own Battle Bus, and chests and ammo boxes should provide more supplies to help make things a little easier for the 20-person teams.

5. Voice chat was added to Mobile

Voice chat has been one of Fortnite’s most often requested features since the mobile version of the game launched back in March of this year. Now, the feature is finally here for mobile players and even includes the ability to turn on push-to-talk.

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