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Build-A-Bear’s new Jigglypuff doll is an homage to its anime past

Jigglypuff is the Workshop’s latest Pokémon plush

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Jigglypuff singing in the Pokémon anime The Pokémon Company

Historically, Jigglypuff is more foe than friend. If you’ve seen any of its appearances in the Pokémon anime, you’re well aware of this: Jigs acts all hot-to-trot by carrying a microphone around and performing at will, and if Ash and company don’t have time to hear her whole concert, she gets steamed.

Turns out that microphone is actually a permanent marker too, and Jigglypuff is not afraid to use it. Using “Sing” to knock all the haters out, Jigglypuff goes to town on the sleeping audience.

The good news is that, while Build-A-Bear Workshop’s latest addition to its line of Pokémon dolls pays direct homage to Jigglypuff’s anime quirks, the plush seems a whole bunch nicer. Available now both on its own and as part of an exclusive online bundle, Build-A-Bear Jigglypuff includes a trademark microphone that can hook onto one of its delightfully tiny arms. It’s also got a fur coat adorned with music notes and Poké Balls, ensuring that no one will question its status as the Pokémon world’s biggest prima donna. There’s also a sound clip to really emphasize how important singing is to our pal Jigs. (An exclusive trading card also comes with the set.)

Each of these items, except for the card, are sold separately, or you can buy the bundle for $52. If you just want Jigglypuff alone, it’s available for $28.

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