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Swery’s The Good Life trailer is just as weird as you’d expect

It’s not all cats and dogs

The latest story trailer for Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro’s upcoming game The Good Life shows its characters in action: humans, dogs, cats and all.

The beginning reads, “A photographer from New York finds herself at the mercy of terrible debt.” Naomi, the main protagonist, pulls the trigger on what so many New Yorkers dream about: moving to a quaint English village for a fresh start. But soon after her arrival, she beings to miss all the luxuries of the big city and becomes desperate to leave.

White Owls Inc.

Naomi picks up all manner of odd jobs to make ends meet — and to speed up her return to New York — until she discovers the town’s shocking secret: Everyone turns into dogs and cats at night.

White Owls Inc.

But there’s a dramatic twist at the end: Naomi discovers the body of a dead woman floating in a pond. The Good Life isn’t just cute cats and dogs after all; it’s an RPG-murder mystery.

White Owls Inc.

The first trailer since March, this one spotlights more of Naomi’s personality. Sure, it might have its fair share of typos, but Swery’s offbeat charm still shines through. We learn that she’s a feisty, food-loving, internet-addicted city girl with a burning need for milkshakes. Swery is known for his bizarre games in the space, as demonstrated by his work in Deadly Premonition. We should expect nothing less from a game that involves villagers turning into animals at night.

The Good Life will be a fully open-world game, with a day-night cycle, for Windows PC (via Steam) and PlayStation 4. It’s expected to release some time in 2019.

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