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Here’s how Destiny 2’s existing exotics just got better

Almost every old exotic got buffed

Destiny 2 - Hunter aiming exotic hand cannon Sunshot
A Hunter aiming Sunshot, an exotic hand cannon in Destiny 2.

Season three of Destiny 2 is finally here alongside the Warmind expansion and update 1.2.0, and with it comes a host of new changes to almost all the old exotics. A majority of Destiny 2’s launch exotics, and a few from the game’s first expansion, have been made far more effective with this new patch.

Here is a list of all the changes to your favorite weapons.


While Borealis is still a PlayStation 4-exclusive sniper rifle, it’s getting a hefty overhaul in season three. If you match the element with an enemy shield, and manage to pop it, you get double damage for the rest of that magazine. This is great for PvE, but has some powerful PvP potential. If you’re able to correctly kill a Guardian midsuper with the matching element, you will still get the bonus damage. This can theoretically one-shot any Guardian if done correctly.


Coldheart’s damage now ramps up more quickly, and the weapon is easier to control. It now does increased precision damage as well, making it even more powerful against bosses.


Here, you can see some Crimson gameplay and explanation from the Warmind reveal stream.

Crimson’s buff isn’t particularly exciting, but it’ll make a huge difference to fans of the gun. The hand cannon now holds far more ammo in reserve, meaning it won’t run out nearly as frequently, one of its biggest issues. In PvP, it’s getting a damage boost. It can now kill an enemy Guardian in three precision shots, or seven bullets, since it’s a burst weapon.


D.A.R.C.I. is now looking like a proper damage weapon in boss fights. The zoom has been reduced to make it easier to land precision hits, which now deal four times the damage. This could be a serious new threat in the raid.

Fighting Lion

Here, you can see some Fighting Lion gameplay and explanation from the Warmind reveal stream.

Fighting Lion has been a Destiny 2 joke since the game debuted late last year. It got a minor tune around the launch of Curse of Osiris, but it’s finally getting a bigger buff. The grenade launcher now has much more ammo and deals more damage when exploding. The goal is to make it less reliant on direct hits with the grenade.

Graviton Lance

The update to Graviton Lance is easily one of the most exciting ones in season three. When Graviton Lance lands a killing blow, the explosion it releases is far larger and will send out void projectiles to seek targets. It also infects other damaged enemies with the same explosive properties, causing them to explode if killed as well. When used properly, the gun can now cause a true chain reaction of explosions.

Hard Light

Hard Light was a fan-favorite exotic in the original Destiny, with laser bullets bouncing off of every wall. In season three of Destiny 2, it’ll be a little easier to swap elements on the fly, allowing players to hold in their reload button to swap instead of moving to the menu. The bouncing bullets are also getting a lot more powerful, dealing double damage after a ricochet.

Jade Rabbit

Jade Rabbit is gaining a small boost to stability, which should increase its usability ever so slightly.

Prometheus Lens

The infamous Prometheus Lens is getting a little bit of love in this patch. The magazine size has been increased to 100 rounds. The damage has also been specialized a bit more, dealing more damage with its area attack and less damage with the beam itself. As with Coldheart, its precision damage has been increased.

Rat King

Rat King’s bonuses have been greatly increased as well, allowing the weapon to be full auto and give longer invisibility after completing a reload. The bonus of Rat Pack will also be applied even if your other fireteam members aren’t actively holding the gun. As long as it’s equipped, the bonus is applied.


Riskrunner was a situational exotic before, and Bungie is increasing its power for those specific situations. The arc damage reduction now works in the Crucible and is stronger, dropping incoming damage by 50 percent. Arc Conductor can also occur with Riskrunner stored, letting you know when it’s empowered and ready to fire.

Skyburner’s Oath

Skyburner’s Oath is keeping all the properties that made it unique, and gaining some significant boosts. When fired from the hip, the scout will now lob miniature rockets that lightly track their target and explode on impact. You can then quickly scope in to finish the job through a Cabal shield.

Sturm and Drang

While Drang isn’t technically an exotic, its big brother Sturm is. The synergy of these two weapons together is now far more powerful. Both of these guns are getting buffs to their actual stats, making them a bit stronger individually. But the real exotic perk here is the new trade-off between kills. Getting a kill with Drang will overcharge Sturm. Overcharged shots deal increased damage and will allow you to kill an enemy Guardian in PvP with only two well-placed shots.


Sunshot was already a pretty decent hand cannon and is especially awesome in some group PvE, like Nightfalls or Public Events. However, its explosion is getting a boost in power, which should make chaining kills even easier.

Sweet Business

Sweet Business isn’t getting any kind of power increase. Instead, Bungie is maxing out the gun’s ammo reserves. Sweet Business will now spawn with 999 ammo in its reserve. Dedicated minigun players won’t have to worry about running out of ammo anymore.

The Prospector

The Prospector was never a bad grenade launcher. Instead, it was just a bit boring. The grenades will now stick to surfaces when fired and deal increased burn damage against targets. Theoretically, this could be a powerful alternative for strike bosses and raid encounters.

Tractor Cannon

Tractor Cannon has always been a joke weapon, only being useful for launching players off ledges in PvP. It’s getting one of the most significant buffs in season three. When Tractor Cannon hits enemies, it’ll now suppress them, pushing them out of their super and restricting their movement. Suppressed enemies will shy away from you entirely, and suppressed Guardians will be unable to jump or use abilities for a short period of time. Finally, Tractor Cannon will now apply a void debuff to any target you hit with it, causing them to take more damage from all void attacks. This supposedly includes bosses like Calus in the Leviathan raid.

Vigilance Wing

Already one of the best exotics in the game, Vigilance Wing will now increase your recovery by max when the Last Stand perk is active.

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