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Steam summer sale starts in June, based on database leak

You have a month to prep your wallets, y’all

A photo of the Steam Summer Sale front page Polygon

As is often the case, the date of Steam’s next big sale has been leaked by the online storefront’s database. The Steam Database, or SteamDB, account tweeted that the annual summer sale will kick off June 21, giving us a month’s worth of lead time to get ready for the discounts.

SteamDB bills itself as a third-party application that tracks updates, developments and other info culled from Valve’s official client. The log refreshes on a regular basis, providing users even the most granular info about what’s going on in the Steam backend. As such, the tool has had success in revealing planned PC releases or game removals ahead of official announcements.

Redditors have apparently corroborated the date by sharing what appears to be confidential information sent out to developers — a regular practice that has given users a heads up on the summer sale dates in several years past. Based on a screenshot shared on the Steam subreddit, 2018’s summer sale kicks off June 21 at 9:55 a.m. PT and runs until July 5 at 10:05 a.m. PT.

We’ve contacted Valve to confirm the dates and will update accordingly.

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