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Jake Paul late-night show offering $50 incentive for fans to show up for taping

The show is reportedly called Lit Night with Jake Paul

Jake Paul talk show Onset Productions

Lit Night with Jake Paul is reportedly the name of the YouTube star’s upcoming late-night talk show, and according to one production company’s page, people are being offered $50 in gas incentives to attend.

This is different from an unauthorized email that was sent out to some people on May 7, which stated that a $50 cash incentive would be given “for every kid brought to the show.” The taping, apparently set for May 15, is open to teenagers between ages 14 and 16, according to the website. The email, however, states that it’s open for people between 14 and 21. There are specific rules for parents or adults looking to accompany said teens. Adults are expected to bring at least two teens, and only one parent or guardian can accompany the teens, according to the site. Polygon has reached out to YouTube and partnering production companies for confirmation.

A statement from Onset Productions apologized for the wording in the email, further explaining that a $50 “gas incentive” is being offered to attract people in Southern California to attend the taping. The full statement can be read below:

Onset Productions announced today that it has been brought to our attention that an unapproved and unauthorized email blast was sent out to our audience members database on Monday, May 7th 2018 with incorrect information requiring the audience for Lit Night with Jake Paul. The original email blast should have stated in the description of the show that a “gas incentive” would be given for attending this taping instead of a “cash incentive for every kid you bring to the show”. The “gas incentive” was added to draw people from all over Southern California to sign up for free tickets to be in the audience. We at Onset Productions take full responsibility for the mishap and sincerely apologize to Jake Paul and his management for any misinformation.

Paul himself hasn’t tweeted about the series’ taping — an unusual move for someone who promotes just about everything he’s involved in on all major social media platforms — and YouTube hasn’t yet confirmed anything else about the show, beyond ordering a pilot. The name, Lit Night with Jake Paul, is a working title.

Jake Paul show
Ad for Jake Paul’s show on Onset Productions’ website.
Onset Productions

Variety reported in April that Propagate Content (mega TV producer Ben Silverman’s production company) and Five All in the Fifth Entertainment are producing the YouTube Red series, along with YouTube. Onset Productions’ name wasn’t listed at the time. A YouTube spokesperson told Variety at the time that it had ordered a pilot, but hadn’t yet committed to a full series. A description of Lit Night with Jake Paul as seen on Onset Productions’ site reads:

This is the ultimate late night show hosted by YouTube sensation, Jake Paul. “Lit Night Show with Jake Paul” is not your average talk show. Watch for celebrity guests, crazy stunts and some of the funniest & wildest surprises you’ve ever seen!

Paul isn’t the only YouTube creator working on a talk show. Keemstar and FaZe Banks, two incredibly popular YouTubers, recently premiered their own talk show, Mom’s Basement. The first episode featured a conversation with Fortnite superstar Ninja, who opened up about his streaming career, family life, appearing on Family Feud and, yes, Jake Paul.