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Epic is bringing competitive play back with Blitz Showdown

The limited time mode is back with a few big improvements

Epic Games
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Epic Games has announced that it is bringing back Fortnite’s competitive mode — originally called Solo Showdown — with a new version called Blitz Showdown.

As the name suggests, this new version of the Showdown limited-time mode will use the rules from Fortnite’s Blitz mode, meaning there’s more loot and weapons as well as faster material-gathering than the standard mode. Also changing this time around are the circles and storms. Players will be able to see where exactly the zone will start each game, but the storms in this mode will move significantly faster — and do more damage — than they do in other modes.

While popular, the first version of Solo Showdown had quite a few issues with its scoring system and how ranking was handled. Thankfully, for Blitz Showdown, Epic has addressed most of the community’s concerns and improved the mode considerably.

First and foremost, the Blitz mode is going to take a lot less time to complete than Solo Showdown did before, as players will only have to play 25 matches of Blitz Showdown to receive their rank, instead of 50. Players will also be divided by server region this time, with the top 100 finishing players in each region receiving a V-Buck prize. Finally, the scoring system itself got a bit of a change. Placement is still the most important factor — 100 points go to the winner of each match, second place gets 94, third place gets 91 and so on — but this time, each kill will grant a player three points as well. This will reward players for being aggressive and means that some wins are more valuable than others.

Blitz Showdown is live now, and will be active until Monday, June 4 at 10 a.m. ET. For a full look at the Blitz Showdown rules, you can check out Epic’s official rules page.

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