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Your employees in Jurassic World Evolution can sabotage your facilities

Nedry’s legacy lives on, and it’s wonderful

Jurassic Park - Dennis Nedry Universal Pictures
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Wayne Knight may be the villain of the ’90s. Not only is he the unapologetically evil mailman Newman in Seinfeld — what kind of monster cheats at Risk, honestly? — he’s also responsible for the downfall of Jurassic Park as Dennis Nedry.

Jurassic World Evolution offers you a host of allies to assist you in running a park packed with unruly dinosaurs. But, just like Hammond learned in the first movie, allies and employees come at a cost.

If you neglect one of your advisers for too long — making them feel as unappreciated as, say, a certain programmer with a proclivity for Hawaiian shirts — they’ll sabotage one of your facilities.

My entire power grid went down all at once thanks to a rogue employee in my first attempt, forcing me to manually drive ranger jeeps to each of my power stations to reboot things. I didn’t have any dinos in need of electric fences at the time, thankfully.

But if I had, things would have gone south pretty fast. If you want to see how bad that situation can become, check out the hit 1993 film Jurassic Park.

In any other park simulator, this system would be infuriating. It’s still frustrating to lose progress in Jurassic World Evolution, but it feels true to the roots of the series.

In a world where dinosaurs have been reintroduced into the food chain, it can be so easy to forget that other people will always be the greatest threat to your park. Take care of your employees! They’re the ones ultimately making sure the dinosaurs and the human beings stay separate.

Jurassic World Evolution will be released for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One on June 12.

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