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Fortnite patch v4.4 adds a new gun, doesn’t change shotguns

At least jetpacks have finally been vaulted

Epic Games
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Fortnite patch v4.4 is here and it seems like Epic are keeping the changes pretty light before Tuesday’s Fortnite Pro Am tournament. Patch v4.4 is bringing a new gun to Battle Royale, as well as taking away the jetpack and fixing a few bugs. That’s about it. On the Save the World side, players can expect a little more with the addition of new missions and a brand new hero coming to the game.

The biggest Battle Royale change coming in this patch — other than the removal of the jetpack, which has become one of the game’s most hated items — is the addition of the new Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle. This new epic and legendary variant of the Scoped Assault Rifle uses a special heat-seeking scope to show you the location of enemy players, chests and even supply drops. Just like it’s regular scoped cousin, it will use medium ammo and can be found on floors, in chests or in supply drops.

The Battle Royale patch also sees the return of the 50v50 game mode and the Sniper Shootout, which have both been been updated to version three. For Sniper Shootout, this means that Scoped Assault Rifles are joining the pool of possible loot, while 50v50 just got slightly more centralized circles for its new update.

Outside of a whole bunch of much needed bug fixes to help make things like searching chests and getting out of the shopping cart more reliable, the only other new addition to Battle Royale with this patch is a brand new Soccer Stadium area that is just north of Pleasant Park. While this stadium doesn’t mean anything for sure, it could be a hint at soccer themed skins in honor of the World Cup’s kick off Friday, June 15.

Meanwhile, Save the World is getting Blockbuster Part 3, the newest addition to this season’s campaign, as well as the new Mythic Ninja hero and a new sniper rifle. In addition, both Save the World and Battle Royale will now allow players to place certain traps on ramps.

For a full look at all the changes in patch v4.4 you can check out Epic’s patch notes.