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Kingdom Hearts 3’s $229.99 deluxe edition has 3 very good figures

Toy Story fans will really dig these

kingdom hearts 3 toy story world screen Square Enix/Disney

Kingdom Hearts 3 is out on Jan. 25, 2019, which sounds painfully far away. But both the hard release date and the game's special editions, now available for pre-order, are reminders that this game is indeed coming out.

We're calling special attention to the deluxe edition set that retails for $229.99. At that hefty price, you'll get more than just KH3 in a fancy case. Square Enix is tossing in three exclusive figures, one each based on the game's starring trio.

The action figures of Sora, Donald and Goofy are endearing enough to fans who have grown up with the characters over the past 15 years. But these have a special significance for KH3. The boys' designs are based on their toy looks from a new world, inspired by the film Toy Story.

Square Enix - Kingdom Hearts 3 deluxe Square Enix

There's also an art book and collectible pin in the box. But if you're going to be shelling out the cost of a PS4, you're probably doing it because you want those very appropriate toy boys. This set is the only way to buy them, after all.

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