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Follow the treasure map found in Pleasant Park - Fortnite Season 4 Challenge Location Guide

Struggling to complete this Week 7 challenge in Season 4 of Fortnite? We’ll help!

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Yet another set of challenges is upon is in Fortnite’s Season 4. This week the trickiest of the bunch tasks you to “Follow the treasure map found in Pleasant Park.” As per usual, we’re not going to worry about the actual treasure map location, focusing instead on where it leads.

To start, you’re going to want to head here:

Basically what you’re looking for is a small hill located in the southeast corner of Titled Towers. There’s kind of a squared-off cut in the shape of Titled Towers, and the hill is right in the center of that cut.

Epic Games

The hill you’re looking for has two trees on it and not much else. The Battle Star should pop once you walk between the two trees. If you’re having trouble spotting it, or you’re not sure if you’re in the right place, just look for a gaggle of players trying to hack each other apart with pickaxes.

Epic Games

Pro-tip: Week 7 also contains a challenge where you’re tasked with dealing pickaxe damage. This will consistently be the best spot to do it, with a lot of folks just focused on picking up the Battle Star, so head on over there for some easy axe damage.

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