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Fortnite’s Blockbuster challenge skin has finally been revealed

And it even has swappable face masks

Epic Games
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Since the beginning of Fortnite’s fourth season, one mystery has kept the community coming back week after week trying to complete challenges: the Blockbuster skin.

For those of you who don’t remember the beginning of the season seven weeks ago, or were never quite up to speed to begin with, Blockbuster is the name of a challenge that appears in Fortnite for any player who buys the Season 4 Battle Pass. To complete the challenge, players had to complete the weekly Battle Pass challenges for seven of the 10 total weeks. At the end of the challenge — up until today — there was simply a silhouette on the traditional orange field that notes a legendary cosmetic item, leading players to believe that a legendary skin would be their reward.

Today, along with the release of the Battle Pass’s seventh week of challenges, Epic finally released the full skin, which we now know is called The Visitor.

The Visitor is a fairly customizable skin that features multiple options for the character’s face mask as well as a removable backbling including Fortnite’s first ever cape — something players have been hoping for since the start of the superhero-themed Season 4.

If you haven’t had time to catch up on the Season 4 challenges yet, or you haven’t even bought the Battle Pass to begin with, that’s OK. You’ll have until the end of Season 4 on July 9 to purchase the Battle Pass and complete any seven of the 10 weekly challenges that will be available by the end of the season.

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