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The Persona 5 event in Granblue Fantasy works extremely well

And you get a free Joker SSR

Julia Lee (she/her) is a guides producer, writing guides for games like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Genshin Impact. She helped launch the Rift Herald in 2016.

Monday marked the start of mobile and browser game Granblue Fantasy’s collaboration event with Persona 5 — and it’s good.

The event, which is heavily story based, takes place after the Phantom Thieves take down Madarame in Persona 5. The group sets off to Mementos, but finds a weird blue rift there. Upon being sucked in, they end up in the world of Granblue Fantasy and run into your gang. From there, the characters all get to chat, but Morgana ends up putting some bad thoughts into the head of Vyrn, the little dragon mascot character of Granblue. He stumbles off deep in his own dark thoughts and things start getting kind of ... palace-y. I won’t spoil the rest for you, but it certainly does feel like a Persona 5 story.

Seeing the Phantom Thieves talk (and argue) with each other warms the heart, but seeing them talk with the Granblue Fantasy gang is hilarious.

When you finish a battle, a “take your heart” screen appears while the original victory music plays. When the gang goes into Mementos, those weird red rings warp your screen. The exhilarating battle theme song, “Last Surprise, plays when you fight (though it plays without any lyrics).

I fully expected the modern aesthetics of Persona 5 to clash with the more rustic theme of Granblue Fantasy, but it all works ... surprisingly well. It really felt like I was playing an add-on to Persona 5, as opposed to just a mobile game crossover.

Joker joins your party as a permanent addition.

As an added bonus, players can unlock a super super rare-tier (SSR) Joker to add to their parties just from reading the first two parts of chapter one. If you don’t want to even read that stuff and you just want Joker, you can hit that skip button at the bottom and still get the limited-edition character.

Unfortunately, none of the other Phantom Thieves are obtainable as characters, but you do get to see them if you use Joker’s charge ability. He uses the iconic all-out attack, showing one of the four other Phantom Thieves at the end in their usual poses.


You can get also Morgana in his bus form as a summon from either a random drop or from trading in event items. You can also get this hideous Arsene gun weapon from the same methods.


Granblue Fantasy’s Persona 5 event will run until 7:59 a.m. ET on June 29, with the second part of the event releasing at 4 p.m. ET on June 23.