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Fortnite’s patch v4.4 Content Update adds stink bombs, nerfs rockets

This update has a lot of changes, but no missile launch

Stink Bomb
Epic Games
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Fortnite’s patch v4.4 Content Update is here, and while it may not be as explosive as we were hoping, it does have some pretty massive changes considering it’s an off-week for Epic.

The update’s only real addition for Battle Royale is the Stink Bomb, a brand new weapon that creates a dangerous cloud for enemies. The cloud lasts nine seconds, deals damage and even obscures vision within the area that it was thrown.

The other big Battle Royale change that came with this update was a nerf of explosive weapons. Epic’s first nerf to the weapon archetype came a few weeks ago when it tried restricting the ammo that players could find around the map, but apparently it wasn’t quite enough to hold grenade launchers and rockets back. So, now Epic has restricted the amount of explosive ammo a player can hold to just 12, which should prevent explosion spamming altogether in the late game.

Battle Royale also received a few bug fixes and performance upgrades, especially to the brand new Nintendo Switch version of the game. While all these changes may not seem like much, it’s important to remember that Content Updates, which are released in the weeks between patches, are normally on the smaller side while officially numbered patches include the game’s biggest changes.

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