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AMC Theatres takes on MoviePass with new subscription plan

The $19.99 subscription isn’t unlimited, but offers more perks

AMC Theatres logo George Rose/Getty Images News/Getty Images

MoviePass, the company that’s rocked the movie theater industry by offering nearly unlimited movie tickets for $9.95 per month, is in for some competition. AMC Theatres announced Wednesday that it’ll offer a similar service, AMC Stubs A-List, starting June 26.

Billed as a new tier to AMC’s existing Stubs loyalty program, AMC Stubs A-List will offer members the ability to see up to three movies each week, including IMAX and 3D screenings, with a $19.99 per month subscription. Unlike MoviePass, which only allows subscribers to see one movie per day, AMC Stubs A-List will let subscribers use their three movies at any time during the week — including on the same day. Additionally, AMC Stubs A-List tickets can be purchased in advance, while MoviePass tickets cannot.

Members will also receive all of the benefits of the AMC Stubs Premiere loyalty program, which includes free size upgrades on snacks and reward points on all purchases. (So yes, points will be applied to A-List subscription costs as well.) AMC’s program is twice as expensive as MoviePass and doesn’t offer unlimited movies, but AMC is betting that the added benefits will outweigh the extra $10 per month.

In a news release, AMC Theatres CEO and president Adam Aron said, “We believe that our current and future loyal guests will be interested in this type of program, as AMC Stubs A-List rewards guests with something that no one else offers: the very best of AMC, including IMAX, Dolby Cinema and RealD 3D up to 3 times per week, for one simple, sustainable price.”

AMC has been one of the most outspoken chains in regard to criticizing MoviePass, calling it “shaky and unsustainable.” Earlier this year, MoviePass responded by blocking users from purchasing tickets at a few big-city AMC locations. It’s unlikely that this move will ease any tensions there.

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