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Nintendo eShop update serves up Mario Tennis Aces and much more

A wonderful week on Switch, right after E3

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Waluigi in Mario Tennis Aces Camelot Software Planning/Nintendo

Nintendo continues its E3 momentum this week with what is easily the highest-quality Switch eShop update in a long, long time. A new Mario game? Yep. An update to one of the biggest franchises in the world? Got that too. We’ve even got two cult classics making their Switch debut — one very recent, one less so.

The biggest name on the list is Mario Tennis Aces, which looks to be the most promising entry in Mario’s best sports spinoff series in ... way, way too long. Sure, Nintendo might have oversold its single-player campaign as more RPG-like than it actually is. But if you just want some good, slightly hectic tennis action with your friends, Mario Tennis Aces has exactly that. (A day-one update will bring back the online tournament mode that players got to check out during an early trial period, if you’re curious.)

Minecraft first launched on Nintendo Switch last year, but there’s a new, revamped version that allows for cross-platform play and access to community content. For those who bought the game previously, the update is available as a free download, which is a nice gesture. Also, it’s always kind of funny to hear Xbox achievement sounds on a Nintendo console. And Minecraft has a lot of ’em now.

There’s also your choice of a soothing puzzle game and what we called one of 2017’s best role-playing games this week: Lumines Remastered, a remaster of the old PSP game that you’ll feel throughout your whole body, and fantasy RPG Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana.

We’ve got the full list of titles below, and there are additional highlights in the rest of the list. Our pick? Drawful 2, the upgraded version of one of the best games in the Jackbox Party Pack collection. (Gunbird 2 is also a nice addition for fans of the Dreamcast scrolling shooter; boxed copies of that game go for more than $100 on eBay.)

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