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PUBG’s Event Pass doesn’t let you keep everything you unlock

There’re plenty of good cosmetics, but the trial items are a little weird

PUBG Corp.

Earlier this week, PUBG Corp. announced the latest cosmetic unlock system for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: the Event Pass. The pass is designed to help commemorate the launch of Sanhok, the game’s third map, and is supposed to reward players with certain cosmetic items for completing challenges. Players will be able to purchase the pass for around $10 once Sanhok releases officially on June 22. While we don’t know exactly what the challenges are yet, we do have some idea of the rewards.

The Event Pass itself has 30 levels of unlocks and around 24 cosmetic items — the other levels grant you things like XP or extra BP — which range from jackets and pants, to prison jumpsuits and police uniforms. Of these items, 17 will be unlocked permanently for your account if you reach the required level, while seven of the items will only be unlocked temporarily. These items are cosmetics that have already been available in PUBG through previous crates, but players who unlock them will get a “temporary trial” with them, which will likely last as long as the Event Pass does.

Most of these items are some of the popular in the game, and are often fairly expensive on the game’s marketplace — most go for around $100 — making it more than a little odd to dub them “trial items.” It’s a bit of a shame to see almost a third of the Event Pass’s cosmetic items are repeats of old items, and worse still, repeats you won’t actually get to keep. Especially if the items only last as long as the event, which will run from June 22 to July 21.

For players that don’t necessarily want to purchase the Event Pass, PUBG Corp. is also offering two cosmetic items that will be available to everyone simply for completing the Event Pass missions even if they don’t own the pass itself. These two new items will also be joined by a free parachute skin and a free name change for any player that makes it to a certain level pass. None of the items gained from the Event Pass will be eligible for Steam trade, or available to be sold on the marketplace.

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