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This simple but smart Switch accessory lets you play vertical games in handheld mode

Fangamer’s Flip Grip device looks perfect for many Switch classics

Flip Grip

More than a dozen games for Nintendo Switch, including Treasure’s classic shoot-’em-up Ikaruga and the recently released Arcade Archives version of Donkey Kong, can be played in a vertical orientation. But playing with your Switch screen in a vertical position — otherwise known as “tate mode” — isn’t necessarily as easy or comfortable as playing games in the system’s standard horizontal orientation.

A new accessory called the Flip Grip attempts to address that by giving Switch owners a dedicated dock designed with vertical orientation in mind.

The Flip Grip is a collaboration between Fangamer, Retronauts founder Jeremy Parish and engineer Mike Choi. They’re bringing the Flip Grip to Kickstarter, hoping to raise $42,500 to kick off manufacturing of the device for later this year. [Disclosure: Parish has contributed numerous articles for Polygon.]

Parish said in an announcement that the Flip Grip project was inspired by the Switch release of Namco Museum, which includes games like the original Pac-Man and Galaga that can be played with the screen oriented vertically.


Fangamer’s Kickstarter campaign page lists the existing Switch titles that support vertical orientation. The list includes Arcade Archives releases Donkey Kong, Heroic Episode, Punch-Out!!, Star Force and Terra Cresta, as well as Danmaku Unlimited 3, Gunbarich, Gunbird, Gunbird 2, Ikaruga, A Normal Lost Phone, Pinball FX 3, Samurai Aces, Stern Pinball Arcade, Namco Museum, Strikers 1945 and Strikers 1945 2.

The Flip Grip consists of a single piece of injection-molded plastic designed to house the Switch at a 90-degree counterclockwise rotation. The system’s Joy-Con controllers slide into the sides of the device and lock into place. Fangamer said the Flip Grip is designed to provide sufficient air flow from the Switch’s vents and offers access to the system’s game card slot, microSD card slot and headphone jack.

Fangamer’s Flip Grip Kickstarter campaign runs through July 9. The campaign offers two pledge tiers: a single Flip Grip for $12 and two Flip Grips for $24 (Fangamer says you’ll save on shipping at this tier). The Flip Grip is expected to ship this November if the campaign is successful.

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