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Philip DeFranco says his YouTube show may change in the next 3 years

The news commentator is ready to try and tackle a new type of reporting

The Philip DeFranco Show has become a YouTube staple in the past few years, with DeFranco’s charming greeting of “sup, you beautiful bastards” ringing out like a theme song for fans.

Not all shows can last forever, though, and DeFranco has already started to look ahead at what the next few years means for The Philip DeFranco Show. DeFranco told a group of people at VidCon yesterday that while the show may continue in some capacity with new faces sitting in front of the camera, he believes he’ll walk away from hosting the series within the next three years.

“In my head, The Philip DeFranco Show, as a a four times a week news show, I think I’ll be doing it for the next three years,” DeFranco said. “By the time that I am 35, I want to have found the people I really, really believe can shape the next 10 years.”

That doesn’t mean DeFranco is walking away from YouTube or from being on camera. He believes “in some way, I will always want to make a show and have that interaction, and I think that will evolve.”

“If I’m doing the same show in three years, I think something’s gone wrong,” DeFranco said. “I don’t know how to do the show I’m doing now in three years without phoning it in.”

People may not be ready to give up seeing DeFranco in front of the camera each day, breaking down some of the biggest news stories and offering his own opinion to try and make sense of it all, but DeFranco said he wants to work on new types of reporting. Instead of being in a studio, or as he puts it, “in my room being analytical all day,” he wants to explore different parts of the world, interview new people and become a cultural conduit.

That’s part of the reason DeFranco is working on a news network, hiring editors and associate producers, to chase new stories and angles. Working with a team isn’t just something that DeFranco wants to build upon moving forward, but a support system he said he really relies on to keep things going.

“The number one thing I learned is I really need reliable people to sustain,” DeFranco said. “It’s news, and it’s always chaos.”

It’s especially important now, at a time when DeFranco realizes he’s the main source of news for a million people. Knowing how many people watch his videos as a way to stay informed drives DeFranco to be a little paranoid (a good quality, he says) to ensure the story is one hundred percent correct, and he has a grasp on what’s happening. It’s also, however, a chance for him and his team to redefine how they handle the news.

DeFranco understands that the news is a vicious cycle, and opening up Twitter first thing in the morning is a depressing experience. Though he loves diving into important topics, both domestically and globally, he and his team have a chance to shine a positive light on fun or uplifting stories for their audience, and that’s led DeFranco to think about the way he covers news.

“It’s why we’re going to have Feel Good Fridays,” DeFranco said. “We need that break. The world isn’t all gloom and doom. There is sunlight in the darkness.”

It’s clear from his talk that DeFranco has thought about the next three, five and maybe even 10 years. While he’s convinced The Philip DeFranco Show will chance within the next three years, he admits that no one really knows what’s going to happen in the future — not even him.

“I love this opportunity, and I just want to maximize it,” DeFranco said. “I have video from eight years ago looking at where I’ll end up in five years, and it’s completely different from where I ended up. What I’m saying now doesn’t matter; the future is going to be different.”

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