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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe patched with Nintendo Labo support

This is a very fun surprise for owners of both experiences

Nintendo Labo was already a fun toy if you stuck to the software and pieces that came in the package, but Nintendo has increased the value of the Labo Variety Kit by patching Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with support for the motorcycle handlebars Toy-Con.

This means that you can turn your existing Labo construction into a portable, arcade-style controller and play Mario Kart by twisting the throttle, turning the handlebars and leaning into turns. Labo's limited racing game that was included with the package plays in a similar fashion, and full Mario Kart support for the controller is a great surprise.

The software update is available now. This is an efficient way to get people talking about both Labo and Mario Kart 8 again, and maybe some fans who own one but not the other may complete the collection. Judging by the reaction of my kids after watching the video, I have a feeling that playing Mario Kart in the standard way is now a thing of the past in our house.

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