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5 things to know about Fortnite patch v4.5

Playground Mode is finally here

Fortnite - an explosion Epic Games
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The final big patch of Fortnite Season 4 has arrived, and it’s probably the most anticipated of the entire season. While most players will be focused on squeezing all the building practice and creativity they can out of the Playground Limited Time Mode, there are some other nice changes this week.

Alongside Playground Mode, Battle Royale is also getting a new Final Fight Mode called Team of 12, as well as the brand new dual pistols weapon. Loot that falls in the water will now float above it instead of inside it, and teammate markers placed on the map will now appear in the world itself, not just on the compass.

Meanwhile, on the Save the World side of the game, this patch is all about endings, as the Blockbuster campaign comes to a close. But don’t worry, there’s still a few more missions to complete and new guns to collect this season, and we already have a pretty good idea of what next season will be like.

Here are the five most important things that are being added or adjusted in the game this week:

The new in-world 3D markers
Epic Games

1. Playground Limited Time Mode is finally here

This is the mode that will let you run around Battle Royale’s map without worrying about enemy players.

While veteran players will be thankful for the space to practice and perfect some of the game’s most difficult building techniques, Playground will also provide a carefree environment for new players who want to work on their shooting down and try placing their first few walls.

For more information on Playground mode, you can check out our full breakdown.

2. Dual Pistols are here and they might just be strong

Battle Royale’s newest weapon is the dual pistols, and it looks like it might be a solid option in close range. The new Epic and Legendary only weapon will deal 41-43 damage and both of the two guns will fire with one pull of the trigger. That means shots could be hitting your target for 86 damage at once. Unlike other pistols in the game, the dual pistols will use medium ammo and will not benefit from first shot accuracy.

The new dual pistols
Epic Games

3. Builder Pro is now in Save the World

The Builder Pro controller layout has long been one of Save the World’s most anticipated and requested features, and it’s finally here. This update will finally give Fortnite’s PVE players access to a feature that makes building structures much easier. Battle Royale players have enjoyed this option for a while, and it’s now available across the board.

4. Building mode has gotten a few changes

Patch v4.5 has made a few changes to building, and the response from the community could be mixed. Walls will now always prioritize building closer to the player when further placement is blocked or structurally unsound. This should make throwing down a wall in a firefight a less frustrating experience.

The controversial change comes in the edit mode, which will now have opaque boxes for removed sections instead of clear boxes. This update, according to Epic, was to “limit player’s ability to peek through structures while editing,” making camping a tall fort just a little more difficult.

5. The finale of Save the World’s Blockbuster campaign is here

Save the World’s Blockbuster campaign is finally reaching its conclusion in this patch, and players who reach the end will be awarded with their choice of one of the special Shadow Ops heroes. A new enemy type called the Super Shielder has also been added, which will give an extra shield bubble to regular Shielder enemies.

For more information on Fortnite’s patch v4.5 you can check out Epic’s patch notes.

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