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Metal Gear’s Solid Snake, Naked Snake and Raiden join up for Super Bomberman R

The boys of Metal Gear Solid are back together and cuter than ever

Character art from Super Bomberman R Konami

Super Bomberman R might have one of the weirdest rosters of this generation. The game already has characters like Master Chief, Ratchet and Pyramid Head. To commemorate the PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One ports of the Nintendo Switch launch title, the publisher has added several characters to the game — including some fictional and real-life heroes.

A trio of Metal Gear Solid characters have entered the fray and received the requisite chibi-style Bomberman makeovers at the same time. Solid Snake, Naked Snake and Raiden (sadly sporting his Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance look) band together to form Super Bomberman R’s new Metal Gear contingent. They’ve even brought a tiny version of Mother Base with them as a playable stage.

The Metal Gear Solid boys in Super Bomberman R
All the boys, cuter than ever.

The biggest thing for fans, other than seeing adorable versions of the Snakes? David Hayter, their original voice actor, returned to voice both characters. (Raiden actor Quinton Flynn is not involved, unfortunately. We still love you, Raiden.)

Slightly more out of left field is a completely different new character. Pro wrestler Xavier Woods joined the voice cast to perform a Bomberman character based on himself. Woods is a huge fan of all things gaming, but there’s something odd about seeing him shrunken down and in Bomberman form.

Xavier Woods in Super Bomberman R Konami

All four characters and other Konami classics are now available in Super Bomberman R’s latest update, although the Switch version’s update has yet to go live. Konami expects it to be up soon.