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Overwatch’s next hero is a chubby hamster and I love it

A ‘Wrecking Ball’ manned by the tiniest, happiest murder rodent

Overwatch - Hammond holding his hands Blizzard Entertainment

After a few days of teases from the official Overwatch twitter, the newest hero has been revealed: Wrecking Ball, a mech piloted by a brilliant hamster. Most of us assumed that it would be Hammond, based off the clues on the walls and posters, and the wrecking ball that rattled down the road in Blizzard’s second teaser really seemed to confirm that theory. The final teaser is here, and we finally get to see the face of hero 28. It’s a chubby little face that brings me immeasurable amounts of joy.

This little guy is Hammond, the missing specimen off Horizon Lunar Colony. Horizon Lunar Colony was a scientific experiment, meant to uplift humble gorillas into scientists and intellectuals. Winston is the most famous graduate of the program, which was led and funded by Lucheng Interstellar.

Unfortunately, there was a coup, and the subjects went rogue and sent the scientists into space.

Winston and Hammond are both marked as “missing” on Lucheng’s systems. We know where Winston is; we’ve been following him since the launch trailer. Hammond, on the other hand, has been a mystery — the only thing we knew is that he was small enough to fit inside vents.

Hammond may also be tied to Junkertown; his mech looks very similar to the Wrecking Ball champion from the Junkertown fighter pits. If that’s the case, he may be the third hero to come from Australia, along with Roadhog and Junkrat.

A full reveal of Hero 28 should be incoming to the Overwatch PTR, confirming his identity and showing us his in-game kit.

Update: Hero 28’s official name is Wrecking Ball and it’s a mech piloted by Hammond, the hamster, Blizzard confirmed. Wrecking Ball is a new tank and he’s coming to the Overwatch PTR Thursday. This story has been updated with new details.

Here’s a look at Wrecking Ball’s origin story:

And here’s Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan introducing Wrecking Ball:

You can also check out our video team’s impressions. Be sure to stick around after the end of the video for some fresh memes!

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