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Faction Rallies-specific catalysts will be available in Destiny 2 Year Two, Bungie says

If you miss a Faction Rally this season, don’t sweat it

Destiny 2 Titan holding Sweet Business Bungie/Activision

The new update to Faction Rallies in Destiny 2 has been a bit polarizing for players. Some seem to hate the grind while others enjoy it (with some exceptions). But no matter how you feel about the new system, the pressure to grind every time it comes around feels real if you want all the rewards. Thankfully, Bungie has come out and confirmed that catalysts — the most desirable Faction Rallies rewards — will still be achievable in Year Two of Destiny 2, although we don’t know how.

If you don’t want to miss out on the three exotic catalysts for sale during season 3, you’ll need to turn in at least 3,000 tokens over the three different Faction Rallies — 1,000 for each faction. If you miss a Faction Rally or don’t have the time to hit 50 ranks in a single week, then you’re out of luck if you want all three before season’s end.

But one of Bungie’s community managers, known as dmg04, answered Destiny 2 YouTuber Pyro Gaming’s tweet about the catalysts’ availability going forward.

While we won’t have the details right away, there will be ways to earn these catalysts moving forward — presumably after the factions get new exotic catalysts for the Year Two rallies. In addition to confirming the catalyst availability, dmg04 confirmed that the team has no plans to add a fourth Faction Rally to this season.

For those that were worried about getting the catalyst for Sunshot, Graviton Lance and Sweet Business before season’s end, this should come as good news. We’ll need to hold out a bit longer for the details, however.

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