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Mario Tennis Aces is getting three new characters this fall

Head online if you’d like to unlock them early

Nintendo has announced that Diddy Kong, Birdo and Koopa Paratroopa are coming to Mario Tennis Aces this fall, teasing the characters at the end of the trailer embedded at the top of this post. This is great news for players who have felt like the game is a bit thin on content at the moment.

Mario Tennis Aces is a very good game, but it’s not quite the game many of us were hoping for it to be. It’s helpful to think about it in terms of a fighting game, and not the sort of RPG-heavy Nintendo sports game that has been released in the past. And that distinction is part of the reason that news about new characters is so exciting; fighting games live and die by their characters.

Nintendo has also introduced an interesting way to incentivize players to take part in the online tournaments; doing so will let you unlock new characters earlier. Nintendo really wants you playing online, and this system gives you positive reinforcement for doing so. No specific dates were given for the ability to unlock the characters, online or otherwise, however. It’s likely the characters will be released after the launch of Nintendo Switch Online this September.

Mario Tennis Aces is available now for the Nintendo Switch; we’ll see you online!

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