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8BitDo’s new controller solves the NES Classic’s biggest problem

NES Classic controllers are even harder to find than the console itself

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8BitDo’s NES wireless controller features a home button and two “turbo buttons.”

The NES Classic returned to shelves this morning, and just about every online retailer has already sold out, proving that there’s still a huge demand for Nintendo’s retro console. But there’s an even larger demand, it seems, for NES Classic controllers.

Nintendo only packaged one wired controller with the NES Classic which means anyone hoping to invite Luigi to a game of Super Mario Bros. will have to find an extra. NES Classic controllers were released along with the NES Classic today, but they sold out even faster than the console. Amazon currently has one listed for $49.99, five times the $9.99 MSRP.

If you’re looking for an extra controller for your NES Classic, though, you’re not out of luck. Timed to the NES Classic release, retro-inspired wireless controller manufacturer 8BitDo released an upgraded version of its wireless NES controller. According to The Verge, the updates are minor, but notable improvements include a dedicated Home button and four face buttons instead of two (labeled as “turbo buttons”).

The wireless gamepad also solves what might be the biggest problem with the NES Classic: the wired controller. You’ll need to sit pretty close to the TV for the 30-inch cord to reach, which usually means sitting on the floor. While that may bring back childhood memories, it isn’t great for adult spines.

8BitDo’s upgraded NES controller is available for preorder now for $24.99, and will be released on August 20.