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DICE is making teamwork more important in Battlefield 5

Sticking with your squad seems like it will be key to victory

The classic support classes, represented by iconic new characters for Battlefield 5 DICE/Electronic Arts
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Battlefield 5 was announced just last week and while the announcement show gave us a good look at some of the game’s new features, it was a little light on details. Thankfully, the game’s developer, DICE, has a new post on its website detailing some of the new additions that 5 is bringing to the Battlefield series.

While the post outlines a wide variety of the game’s new mechanics, the one thing each of them has in common is their emphasis on teamwork, something it seems DICE wants to be even more important in Battlefield 5 than it has been in the past entries in the series.

Players stand in a field in front of a British tank in Battlefield 5. DICE/Electronic Arts

Reviving is now something anyone can do

The biggest change for longtime Battlefield fans is going to be the new revive system. According to DICE, reviving is no longer reserved exclusively for the team medics. In Battlefield 5, any player can revive someone, as long as the player they are trying to revive is in their squad, while medics will still have the ability to revive anyone on the team.

This change is going to encourage players to stick closer to their squadmates, who can also now drag downed players into cover before getting them up. But there’s a catch to reviving squad mates: They won’t come back with full health. Medics, on the other hand, will still revive teammates to full health, and will also be the only way that players can gain health back outside of visiting the game’s new resupply stations.

Fortifications will help make every match a little different

Resupply stations are just one of things players can create from Battlefield 5’s new Fortification mechanic, which was announced previously, but DICE detailed slightly more in this post.

Fortifications are player-built structures that can alter the map and change the flow of a match. The structures can be defensive — sandbags, barbed wire, tank stoppers — offensive, like foxholes, or provide the whole team with utility with the resupply station. Each of these will help play a different role on the battlefield and can help change the way a fight is played. More importantly, according to DICE, they will help make sure that every match in Battlefield 5 is just a little different.

Fortifications are something that any player can create, thanks to the toolbox everyone is equipped with, but the Support class will be best at it and can build additional types of fortifications, including stationary weapons. But even as a Support class player, one person won’t be able to build everything a team needs to succeed. Things like balancing defensive structures, like barbed wire and tank stoppers, and important utility structures like resupply points will should introduce a new version of teamwork that hasn’t been present in a Battlefield game before this.

Key art of a British Churchill tank in Battlefield 5 EA DICE/Electronic Arts

Squad Reinforcements are squad kill streaks

Another new addition to the Battlefield series coming with 5 is the Squad Reinforcement system, which will reward squads for who play together. If players complete objectives in-game with their squad, like taking points or reviving each other, that squad will gain “resources.” Once the squad has enough, the squad leader can use them to call in some addition support, like supply drops, smoke screens rockets or even tanks with flamethrowers.

Just like the other additions to Battlefield 5, this is intended to help encourage players to stick with their squad and help each small group of players feel like an important part of their larger team.

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