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Pokémon Go’s biggest, best new Pokémon is gone from the wild

Gone but not forgotten

an image of pokemon go silhouettes of alolan form monsters Niantic/The Pokémon Company
Petrana Radulovic is an entertainment reporter specializing in animation, fandom culture, theme parks, Disney, and young adult fantasy franchises.

On May 30, the best and biggest of Pokémon blessed us with its presence in Pokémon Go. The palm tree-like Alolan Exeggutor lumbered into the game as part of a special event coinciding with the announcement of Let’s Go, Eevee! and Let’s Go, Pikachu! But nothing gold can stay, and as of June 2, the big boy can no longer be found in the wild.

But the impact of Alolan Exeggutor lives on in the memories of its fans, especially those lucky enough to have caught it.

Alolan Exeggutor charmed us with its goofy smile and completely ridiculous size. The sheer size of Alolan Exeggutor —often larger than the phone screen — was enough for a laugh, but players also pointed out that Alolan Exeggutor completely dwarfed Pokémon that should by all means and purposes be larger than it.

Here it is with Ho-Oh, the legendary in Pokémon Gold, which measures 12 feet and 439 pounds. Alolan Exeggutor does happen to be bigger than Ho-Oh, according to the Pokédex, but it’s funny to see a legendary dwarfed.

Niantic/The Pokémon Company via SerLevArris

Below, there’s a shot of Alolan Exeggutor with Wailord, the biggest Pokémon at 47 feet and 877 pounds. It’s got nothing on that smug Exeggutor. For reference, Alolan Exeggutor is supposed to be 35 feet tall.

Niantic/The Pokémon Company via Jdaesroenk

Alolan Exeggutor is so big that it can’t even be properly captured in the buddy icon view.

Niantic/The Pokémon Company via TheMegalith

In the AR view, Alolan Exeggutor ranges from a goofy photo-op to a gigantic creature to a mildly terrifying face.

Niantic/The Pokémon Company via BatAndScarlet

At least it found its home amongst palm trees.

Farewell, Alolan Exeggutor. You were big. You were bright. You will live on in our hearts. (And in the collections of those lucky trainers who already caught you.)

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