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Fortnite’s newest item is the Bouncer trap

This trap is the perfect addition to your shopping cart racetrack

Epic Games

Fortnite’s patch v4.3 content update is here and it introduces a new item: the Bouncer trap.

This new Fortnite Battle Royale item is really a combination of two old items: the vertical and horizontal jump pads that used to be in the game. Now, instead of two different pads, the new Bouncer trap will bounce you in different directions depending on how you hit the pad. If you use it on a wall, you’ll bounce to the side, on the floor you’ll bounce up and if you run into with quite a bit of speed — like say, with a shopping cart — it will send you flying forward.

Once you’re in the air, the Bouncer trap acts a little bit like the Hop Rocks. You even get the same sound effect, the same visual effect on your character and the same huge jump as Hop Rocks right after you hit the Bouncer. The Bouncer also gives immunity to fall damage after you use it — at least until you touch down from your jump.

The new Bouncer trap item drops in stacks of three from Treasure Chests, Supply Drops and Llamas, or spawns normally on the floor. It joins the campfire as the only other blue rarity trap in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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