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Destiny 2 gets an Annual Pass, here’s what’s included

Bungie teases three new content updates coming through 2019

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In addition to revealing details on the next major expansion for Destiny 2, an add-on titled Forsaken, today Bungie talked more about future content coming to the game. Bungie already has plans for Destiny 2 content updates coming through summer 2019, and is now selling an “Annual Pass” that offers players exclusive access to that content.

Bungie and publisher Activision are already selling Destiny 2’s Annual Pass on the game’s website as part of a bundle. That bundle, which includes Destiny 2: Forsaken and the Annual Pass, costs $69.99 — a $5 savings over buying the expansion and the Annual Pass ($34.99 by itself) separately. Think of it like a season pass for an expansion.

What’s in the Destiny 2 Annual Pass?

According to Bungie, the pass will offer access to three “premium content releases” tied to seasonal updates for Destiny 2. Here’s the current schedule of those content releases and their names:

  • Black Armory, winter 2018
  • Joker’s Wild, spring 2019
  • Penumbra, summer 2019

Those additions will include new endgame challenges; new weapons, armor and vanity items to collect; new and returning exotics; new pinnacle activities; new Triumph Records to collect; and new in-game lore to discover, according to Bungie.

“These releases are a new way for us to deliver content,” Bungie community manager David “DeeJ” Dague said during a livestream today. Dague said the Annual Pass has “reinvented the way we sustain the hobby.”

“We’re leaning harder into the things that keep you coming back to the game week over week, month over month,” Dague said, adding that for Annual Pass content, Bungie is prioritizing activities, challenges and things to earn and collect over new cutscenes or cinematics. But it sounds like specifics about what will be available to Annual Pass holders isn’t totally locked down. Dague said that Bungie will talk more about Annual Pass content at a later date.

Bungie’s strategy seems tailored to players who want to keep chasing new gear and higher power levels — players who are less interested in story-based content updates.

Bungie also said that while some future content will be exclusive to Destiny 2 Annual Pass buyers, it will continue to make some updates available to all Destiny 2 players in the coming weeks and months. The developer released an updated version of its Destiny 2 development roadmap, which details the changes scheduled to be released for all players alongside Forsaken on Sept. 4.

Destiny 2 development roadmap as of June 5, 2018
The latest Destiny 2 development roadmap.

Update: We’ve edited the article to clarify the pricing for the Annual Pass.