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Fortnite may be coming to the Nintendo Switch sooner than you think

Here’s even more evidence that Fortnite is coming to the Switch

Epic Games

We already have some pretty convincing evidence that Fortnite will be announced for the Nintendo Switch at E3 next week, but a developer and console hacker on Twitter seems to have found proof. It looks like there’s already code in the Nintendo eShop that points to an update for ... Fortnite.

They were also able to find an image file that looks suspiciously like a Switch icon for Fortnite.

It’s looking more and more likely that the game will be both announced, and perhaps launched, during E3. It’s going to be interesting to hear Nintendo talk about an online-only game coming to a system that still has not launched its online service.

But Fortnite and the Nintendo Switch otherwise seem like the perfect pairing, as long as you can find a strong internet connection whenever you’re traveling. We’ll know more next week when Nintendo holds its annual E3 press conference.