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Avengers: Infinity War is best retold through Spotify playlist message memes

Hey Mr. Stark?

Avengers: Infinity War - Spider-Man Marvel Studios/Disney

Spotify playlists are essential to existing in 2018, and they’re also the subject of some pretty imaginative memes.

Spotify memes based on breakups or confessing love to a longtime crush became a funny, short-lived fad in April 2017, but they’re finding new life following Avengers: Infinity War. The concept is pretty ingenious, but relatively simply. People used song titles from both obscure and popular artists to spell out a message. These messages could be as simple as, “Hey, I like you. Do you like me?” or complex outpouring of emotions, like, “Hey, I know that we’ve been friends since we were six, but now at the tender age of 19, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, so I need you to break up with Chad.”

Or something like that.

[Warning: The following contains slight spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War.]

The fad mostly died off, but all it takes is a significant cultural event to make it relevant again. Something like Avengers: Infinity War, for example. Marvel fans are creating new Spotify playlists to transcribe messages from characters in the movie. There are quite a few funny Thanos dedicated playlists, and even one for his loyal crony, Ebony Maw.

The Thanos playlist below, for example, references some of the dialogue used in the film — that was also turned into its own meme on Reddit.

Or Ebony Maw’s monologue, which was turned into its very own Spotify playlist, too.

There are also some pretty intense, spoiler-filled versions of the meme floating around on Twitter and Spotify. The playlist below, for example, is based on Infinity War’s most devastating scene.

If you’re going to try and find a similar goofy playlist, be warned that Spotify is full of playlists with spoiler-filled headlines. Most seem to concentrate on Spider-Man dying, but it’s a minefield for anyone who wants to listen to Avengers-themed tracks while also avoiding spoilers.

Avengers: Infinity War is still playing in theaters.