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Life is Strange studio reveals mystery thriller Twin Mirror

Dontnod’s story-driven investigation game coming in 2019

Dontnod Entertainment, the developer behind Life is Strange and the recently released Vampyr, revealed its new project today: Twin Mirror, a mystery thriller coming to PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One from publisher Bandai Namco.

Twin Mirror’s debut trailer shows a character named Sam returning to the rural town of Basswood, seemingly in the wake of the mysterious death of a local journalist. In Basswood, Sam awakens in his hotel room to a horrifying scene: His clothes are soaked in blood and he has no recollection of what happened the night before. The trailer shows Sam exploring a surreal environment, seemingly a mindscape, in search of answers and fighting a ghostly memory. “Your mind is the one place to find the truth,” the trailer says.

Dontnod describes Twin Mirror as “a story-driven investigation game” that will come to consoles and PC in 2019.

Also in the works from Dontnod is a sequel to Life is Strange; the studio has yet to announce whether it plans to reveal anything about that game in advance of E3 2018 as well.

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