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The new Sea of Thieves weekly event is all about going underwater

Get ready to hold your breath and get bitten by sharks!

A pirate examines a hidden statue underwater Rare/Microsoft

Sea of Thieves has been working to deliver content at a steady clip. The first expansion, The Hungering Deep, added some pretty neat toys to the game, and the second expansion, Cursed Sails, is on the way before the end of the month.

In between the meatier expansion packs, players get to work with the Bilge Rat faction to earn doubloons, get exclusive cosmetic rewards and mix up the usual gameplay goals. The first two events remain in the game, and the third one is rolling out after today’s server maintenance.

The Sunken Curse is the newest weekly event, and it’s all about going underwater to, well, stop a curse that has sunken. It looks like players will be forced to examine shipwrecks and scour the sea floor in an approach that will heavily favor exploration and keeping one’s wits about them over combat. If the last two events were any indication, players should be able to earn enough doubloons to score the new cosmetic content alone, but completionists will be forced to work together with other crews to earn the maximum amount of doubloons. Extra Bilge Rat currency can be traded in for gold, reputation with the primary three factions, or just stashed until the next event.

These new cosmetics can only be earned through playing The Sunken Curse Rare/Microsoft

There’s also the small matter of this weekly event being centered around a curse. We’ve been told that future Sea of Thieves content will be more heavily lore-based and we can see bigger stories being told through campaigns. It seems pretty likely that this event will lead directly into Cursed Sails. This is pretty neat, because it could turn Bilge Rat Adventures from a weekly diversion into must-play events that tell us more about the world of Sea of Thieves or grant interesting lore clues.

Players will have until July 25 to score those sweet, sweet cosmetics, at which point they will be retired. If the release schedule of Gunpowder Skeletons into The Sunken Curse holds steady, we can likely expect Cursed Sails to drop pretty soon after the event wraps up.

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