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First trailer for Netflix’s Extinction pits Michael Peña against an alien invasion

Work. Home. Family. Apocalypse.

Hot on the heels of his show-stealing reprisal as Luis in Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp, Michael Peña stars in the Netflix original film Extinction, looking considerably less goofy and considerably more in peril.

Peña plays a beleaguered father worn down by routine stress and a series of recurring nightmares that plague him with visions of the death of his family. The opening sequence of the first trailer (above) depicts Peña’s character fixing his daughter’s monkey toy and chatting with a coworker, but it’s accompanied by a soundtrack of eerie, driving strings and interrupted by brief-but-violent sequences full of explosions and death.

It’s not clear at first what the threat is — only that Peña’s character is the only one who believes his harrowing visions may one day become reality. Unfortunately, he’s correct. There’s a pivotal moment in the trailer when it becomes apparent that the crisis is no longer a premonition. Everyone can see that a group of aliens hell-bent on destroying humanity has just arrived.

Peña’s character’s visions become the key to the survival of both his family and the human race as his visions start to come to light. Under attack from the alien creatures, these visions and the character’s “unknown strength” may become the only thing standing between humanity and extinction.

Extinction, costarring Lizzy Caplan and Luke Cage’s Mike Colter, premieres on July 27th on Netflix.