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New battle royale The Culling 2 picked a bad time to launch

13 players on average over the past 24 hours; it’s supposed to have 50 in a match

The Culling 2 - parachuting in Xaviant

The Culling 2 is the latest game to get on the battle royale hype train, but developer Xaviant picked a rather bad time to launch. Fortnite Battle Royale’s fifth season began today, and perhaps you have heard about that; PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds maker PUBG Corp. also just reopened its test server with a new update for its Xbox One version. Either way, there’s tons of battle royale action easily found on any platform.

So that may be why The Culling 2 has just one (1) player at the moment, according to SteamCharts. Admittedly, this is a Thursday morning on the East Coast, not exactly prime time, but the game’s peak over the past 24 hours is 13, and the all-time high was 249 right at its debut on June 10. On launch day, PC Gamer shot this bonkers video of one of its writers winning a game before his parachute even opened.

The Culling 2, for $19.99, is also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4; it’s the sequel to The Culling, which launched in early access in 2016 and then fully back in October. That game was billed as a Hunger Games-inspired multiplayer first-person shooter, involving 16 players armed with high-powered rifles and brutal melee weapons. The latest one is supposed to pit 50 players against one another with a bigger focus on ranged weapons.

Steam users are panning this one as an unfinished game by a developer trying to cash in on the battle royale craze. We make no warranty for or against its quality, but do note that this has to be 2018’s most poorly timed launch so far. Then again, with Fortnite seasons launching every three months, there’s not really a good time.

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